Acrylonitrile content


The acrylonitrile content is a key property when selecting ARLANXEO NBR grades for oil-resistant rubber products. Depending on its level it has a strong impact on the oil-resistance and low temperature flexibility of a polymer. A polymer with high acrylonitrile content features less swelling when exposed to oils, fuels and greases and therefore better resistance. In contrast, low acrylonitrile content enhances the low temperature flexibility of the vulcanizate. In several cases the final level of acrylonitrile content of a NBR grade results from a compromise to meet both properties at a required level. The relationship between low temperature flexibility and oil resistance is illustrated in the diagram below.

The ARLANXEO NBR portfolio covers an extended range from exceptional oil resistance to very good low temperature flexibility. Combined with a variety of different viscosity levels and additional special properties we offer solutions for a huge variety of applications.


Specialty grades with extreme acrylonitrile contents demonstrate particularly
interesting properties:

  • High oil-resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility