Krynac® - SC - Slow Cure


Krynac® SC grades feature a particularly high level of protection against scorching. Their specifically slower vulcanization rate distinguishes them from Perbunan® FC and Krynac® MC grades.


Range of Krynac® SC grades      
Acrylonitrile content       28 % - 49 %                  
Viscosity (ML 1+4/100 °C)45 - 60 MU1)

1)Unmassed (ISO289-1)


Krynac® SC grades have a number of beneficial properties compared with Krynac® MC grades during processing and in vulcanizates.


Process engineering

  • Improved processing of vulcanizable compounds with regard to the permissible thermal stress and the flow characteristics
  • Significant improvement in the shelf life of the vulcanizable compound for more straightforward and cost-efficient process planning



  • Adhesion: Krynac® SC products are ideal for reinforced rubber products such as pressure hoses or rubberized fabrics due to far better bonding to the substrate
  • Corrosion: Using Krynac® SC grades makes it easier to prevent contact corrosion on items such as seals, provided the vulcanizates have a ‘low-corrosion’ composition