Krynac® - XL - Pre-Crosslinked


Krynac® XL grades make a compound easier to process in extrusion and calendering. They represent pre-crosslinked polymers, which serve as fully compatible components of NBR compounds. In that way they significantly improve these compounds’ processing properties. Due to their crosslinking property they do not completely dissolve in standard solvents (such as toluene, methyl ethyl ketone or similar solvents).


Range of Krynac® XL grades      
Acrylonitrile content       29 % - 34 %                  
Viscosity (ML 1+4/100 °C)50 - 70 MU1)

1)Massed (ISO289-1)


Using Krynac® XL significantly improves the rheological properties of compounds:

  • Higher extrusion rate boosts productivity
  • Smoother surface finish following calendering and extrusion
  • Extrudates benefit from improved stability
  • Reduced die swell and calender shrinkage
  • Faster sheeting out during mixing on the roll mill

 This produces vulcanizates with:

  • An improved modulus (with lower elongation at break)
  • A better compression set