Perbunan® - FC.HM - Fast Cure.High Modulus


Like Perbunan® FC.CHM, Perbunan® FC.HM grades are particularly vulcanization-active copolymers. When crosslinked with sulfur and sulfur donors (EV crosslinking), they all demonstrate a high modulus and slightly shorter scorch times than conventional medium cure grades. This process takes place at a higher vulcanization rate and good product processability.


Range of Perbunan® FC.HM grades      
Acrylonitrile content       28 % - 45 %                  
Viscosity (ML 1+4/100 °C)30 - 120 MU1)

1)Unmassed (ISO289-2)


A number of beneficial properties are derived from the manufacturing principle on which Perbunan® FC grades are based. They relate to both the technical characteristics that can be achieved and to production costs:

  • With specified vulcanizate properties, compound compositions with higher filler contents are often possible using Perbunan® as the polymer base.
  • The Perbunan® grades help ensure cost-efficient processing through shorter vulcanization and faster cycle times, especially when making molded items.
  • The generally higher modulus paves the way for a higher sealing force and improved stress relaxation times.
  • In many cases, an improved compression set is observed.
  • Vulcanizates based on Perbunan® demonstrate better abrasion and wear resistance.