Perbunan® - FC.CHM - Fast Cure.Clean High Modulus


Perbunan® NBR grades generally feature an accelerated vulcanization rate. Perbunan® FC.CHM grades in particular have an additional, even more special property. Typical impurities of standard NBR grades are approx 2%. Perbunan® FC.CHM grades, on the other hand, are specialty polymers with exceptionally low residual quantities of processing aids, made possible by specially developed and patented processes at ARLANXEO. The cure rate and the high level of vulcanization are similar to those of Perbunan® FC.HM grades (see Fig. 3).

Range of Perbunan® FC.HM grades      
Acrylonitrile content       18 % - 45 %                  
Viscosity (ML 1+4/100 °C)30 - 80 MU1)

1)Unmassed (ISO289 -1)


Besides the original beneficial properties of Perbunan® FC.HM grades, FC.CHM grades have the following additional characteristics:

  • Very low residual quantities of auxiliary materials from emulsion polymerization lead to a greater reduction in the tendency toward mold fouling during injection molding. This also prevents the risk of exudation of compound components from the polymer in rapid extrusion processes.
  • The tendency toward contact corrosion is very low. Perbunan® FC.CHM grades contain virtually no halogens.
  • The high level of vulcanization due to the high polymercontent of approx. 99 % results in a high modulus andexcellent resistance to abrasion and wear.
  • Chemical modification of the surfaces of rubber productsis far easier. One example is the highly effective chlorination of surfaces for the functional reduction of friction and to facilitate the assembly of complex
    machine parts.
  • The resistance of technical products in aqueous media
    and alcohols is excellent.
  • Low (global) migration levels have a highly beneficial
    effect on migration properties in food simulants for rubber
    products required in the food industry. This makes these
    grades ideal for drinking water applications.