Krynac® - X - Carboxylated


Krynac® X grades are used in particular when the item being manufactured needs to have enhanced abrasion and wear resistance. They are terpolymers formed from the monomers butadiene and acrylonitrile and an unsaturated carboxylic acid (XNBR in accordance with ISO 1629).


Range of Krynac® X grades      
Acrylonitrile content       27 % - 34 %                  
Viscosity (ML 1+4/100 °C)40 - 60 MU1)
Carboxylic acid content1 % or 7 %

1)Unmassed (ISO289-1)


Krynac® X grades are used for special applications:

  • Rubber items with particularly high demands in terms of abrasion and wear
  • Rubber products requiring a particularly high moduluscombined with excellent strength to work with the specified vulcanizate hardness
  • High-pressure seals with particularly high extrusion resistance
  • Hard-soft (thermoplastic/elastomer) composites with direct bonding of the elastomer on the thermoplastic molded part without external binding agents (2-component technology)
  • Rubber products for which a hydrophilic surface is needed