Baymod® N XL - Pre-crosslinked


Unlike linear grades, Baymod® N XL grades do not dissolve completely in solvents. Their pre-crosslinking property results in good dimensional stability, which increases the production rate and improves the surface of final products. Post cure is not necessary during the manufacturing process. Their polymer structure is comparable with that of Krynac® XL. The most common fields of application are the thermoplastic (i.e. PVC) and the friction industry.



NBR and PVC are highly compatible when mixed together. The optimum effect can be reached with an acrylonitrile content of 33 % in the NBR grade. This at the same time ensures very good low temperature flexibility.

Pre-crosslinked NBR grades are widely used in soft pVc compounds for extrudates or calendering processes. They are specialty products for a whole host of technical PVC articles such as crash pads, films, coated fabrics, profiles, reinforced and non-reinforced hoses, cable sheathings, the soles of shoes and boots and conveyor belts.



Improvement of the surface appearance of PVC extrudates by using pre-crosslinked Baymod® N grades (left).


Our main grade for such applications is Baymod®  N XL 33.61 VP with PVC as dusting agent. Its particle size is on average 0,4mm.



Particle Structure
of ground
Baymod N XL grades
(0,4 mm) 100μm


In blends with PVC, our pre-crosslinked Baymod® N  33.61 VP is particularly beneficial as an active component. Its benefits with regard to the properties of soft PVC are as follows:

  • Improved impact resitance and low temperature flexibility
  • Lower extraction on exposure to oils, fuels and greases
  • Less fogging
  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Lower compression set
  • Reduced abrasion and wear
  • Prevents possible development of odors
  • Transparency due to neutral color
  • Uniform surface finish (haptic effect)


In friction applications manufactured in a dry process such as brake and clutch linings, pre-crosslinked NBR grades are demanded. Baymod®  N XL 38.43 is in this regard the perfectly suitable grade. Thanks to its spray-drying manufacturing process, the powder particles are uniform and spherical, with an average diameter of 0.1 mm. the material’s regularity is a fundamental quality feature. It results in a very good distribution of the powder particles in phenolic resin compounds.

This makes Baymod® N XL 38.43 a key component in compounds with phenolic resins and other organic or inorganic components that are used in friction linings.