Baymod® N - Linear


Linear Baymod® N grades are highly soluble in toluene, methyl ethyl ketone and comparable aprotic, polar solvents. Their average particle size is between 0.5 and 0.7 mm. Linear Baymod® N grades are primarily used in the rubber and plastics processing industries, but also in friction and adhesive applications. Depending on their field of application they provide, besides the improved resistance to oils, fuels and greases in the final product, different additional properties as described in the following.



Linear Baymod® N grades are used in the rubber industry primarily for gaskets manufactured using a solution process. They dissolve fast, provide excellent resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals while maintaining long lasting flexibility. The gaskets are mainly used in the automotive industry and in industrial plant engineering. Baymod® N is also ideal for continuous mixing processes in mixing extruders, because they can be continuously metered.



In the plastics industry, linear Baymod® N grades are primarily intended
as a blend component for molded items made of soft PVC using the injection molding process. In line with the production process, metering low viscosity grades enables adapting the flow properties, which are directly determined based on the melt viscosity. The addition of linear Baymod® N grades in PVC injection increases the resistance to oils, fuels and greases while slowing down the extraction and migration of liquid plasticizers. It also improves the mechanical properties and low temperature flexibility of injected compounds.



Linear Baymod® N grades are also used in friction applications. Due to their solubility they are dissolved by solvents in wet processes, mixed with liquid phenolic resins, fibers and friction particles, and thereafter crosslinked together. The NBR is used as a binder and improves the impact resistance. Phenolic resins and NBR exhibit excellent compatibility.



NBR serves as a component of adhesives containing solvents, phenolic resins, tackifiers and further additives. ARLANXEO linear (soluble) grades from the Baymod® N range are able to serve this purpose.